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Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2021

Our Favorite Google Maps Feature

Google Maps are the gold standard for knowing what is around us in the present day, but did you know that it’s also able to show you the past as well?

Because their mapping vehicles have been capturing ‘street views’ for over a decade, there are multiple versions of what those streets looked like from every pass they have made.

If you’ve ever picked up the yellow pin man and dropped him on a street on a computer, there’s an entire library of street images at your fingertip.

In the upper left corner of the street views is a small icon that looks like a clock that unlocks the library of views that’s available for any given location.

Each dot in the timeline that comes up is an indication of a recording of the street view from the past.

It’s not limited to just the street you’re on as you can continue to virtually ‘drive around’ during that past period of time.

Go check out the street that you grew up on or where you might have worked going back to 2008 via the ‘time machine’ option in Google Maps!