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Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2021

Critical Password Warning

With broadband Internet service being the norm these days, we all need a way to allow more than one device to share the connection, which is known as a router.

The router’s job also includes protecting your devices from the outside world by creating a hardware firewall between you and the Internet.

This very important device can be exploited when the user never updates the default password that’s encoded on the router at the factory.

This is known as the admin password, which is different from the wifi connection password.

Default router passwords are easy to get - check out, so changing them to something only you will know is a good security measure.

In some cases, the default router password is printed right on the device, which makes it really easy to grab if a stranger enters your house.

Don’t forget to document the new password somewhere safe as you’ll need it to make administrative changes in the future.