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Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2021

Charger Testing App

If you use various chargers for your smartphone and it seems that the ones that didn’t come with your device take a longer time to charge, it’s probably true.

In some cases, this can be caused by a defective cable that’s wearing out from the inside, but it’s more likely the wrong amperage from the charger.

Despite all of the charger amps being at a very low level, which is why you don’t feel any type of shock when you touch them, it’s critical to have the right amount.

Knowing what the proper amperage requirements are for your device allows you to buy a third-party charger that will do the job effectively.

If you happen to have the tools necessary to measure these low power levels coming from your charger, that’s great, but for Android users, there’s a free app.

Ampere ( is a free app that not only tells you what your charging levels are for each charger, but also looks at heat generation and battery health.

It’s a great way to determine the best chargers you have so you can charge your battery in the best way possible!