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Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2018

USB Data Jacking Threat

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Keeping all your tech devices charged while you're out and about is a lot easier then it used to be because of all the public charging stations that have been installed.

Those of you that travel around regularly should know about something referred to as 'Juice-Jacking'.

Juice-Jacking is possible if a charging station attempts to access your smartphone or tablet's data while charging your device.

When you plug most smartphones or tablets into a computer via a USB port, often times, it provides instant access to your private data.

This same holds true for any public charging station you might use, if it's setup maliciously and you will have no idea that it’s happening.

While it isn't very likely you will have to worry about this danger in US-based airports, international travelers should be on the alert for this scam.

To protect yourself from Juice-Jacking, try to stick to your own A/C charger plugged directly into a electrical socket, but if that's not an option, I’ll give you a tip tomorrow on a blocking device that provides peace of mind when you are forced to plug into any USB port.