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Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2018

USB Charge Blocker

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Yesterday’s tip discussed the dangers of ‘Juice-Jacking' which would allow a malicious USB-based charging device to gain access your private files without you ever knowing.

Those that travel extensively, especially to foreign countries might want to look into a device called a "Juice Jack Defender".

At $15, this simple adapter allows you to safely connect to any USB-based charging system with confidence because it will block any attempted access to your mobile devices while they are charging.

USB ports by design allow both a charge and the ability to communicate with your mobile device. This communication is desired when you’re connecting to your own computer, but not with everything else.

If you connect to any unknown charging system using the Juice Jack Defender, it converts the connection into a one way street.

The dangers of juice-jacking isn’t likely to be a problem at most public charging stations, there is simply no way to know if a USB charger is safe or not.

Using an AC outlet and your own chargers always the safest round, but that’s not an option, then a simple blocking device like this will provide peace of mind.

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