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Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2018

Ransomware Bypass Tip

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In all my time helping people with technology, one consistent problem seems to always pop up - everyone knows about the importance of backing up their important files, but most people never can seem to make it important enough to get it setup.

If this most important task is still on your ‘to do’ list and you're looking for the motivation to make it a priority, see if this helps:

The awful reality of being hit by ransomware, which will lock you out of your own files, including any backup device that’s connected, is getting worse.

The current attacks can even spread by themselves, often using methods that we have not seen before.

Anyone that’s a victim of this scan that doesn’t have an off-site copy of their files data will either have to lose everything or pay hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in order to regain access to their files.

Secure on-line backup services like Carbonite's unlimited package are the best tool for avoiding ever having to pay, because those backed up files aren’t accessible via your computer when you're attacked.

This is a wake up call for anyone that’s still using the old way of backing up their files!

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