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Data Recovery and Other Computer Services

Data Doctors offers computer services and repairs to the Phoenix Arizona metro area, North County San Diego area, & the Florida Space Coast. We can help repair your PC or laptop, recover data from old or broken computers, remove viruses from infected computers, restore crashed systems, clean up your hard drive so it will run faster, and more, to get your computer running like new again.

Our Services

At Data Doctors we know how frustrating computer problems can be, especially when you have a million things to do and your PC just won't cooperate. We are here to help. Our services include everything from slow computer repair to data recovery and if you cannot come to us, no problem, we can come to you. Just contact us to ask about our PC repair "House Call Service". We will get your PC up and running in top shape with our certified, professional PC technicians, and comprehensive award-winning Windows and Mac computer repair services.

Our services include virus/worm/spyware/adware removal, identity-stealing trojan removal, de-fragmenting of your hard drive for faster access, registry cleanup for speedy boot-up, clean out grime and dust buildup, clear out temporary internet surfing files, etc. We also install the latest security patches and update Windows, test all of your systems' hardware devices, including CD-ROM, sound, etc., explain how you can keep your system maintained, update Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus, Firewall, and other security issues, explain how you can prevent your PC from future attacks, and more.

Computer Checkup and Repair

If you are near one of our locations and need a computer or laptop repair, come see us. We are committed to providing you with the best computer repair services available in town, without all the "geek jargon". Our technicians provide you with a computer checkup at no charge, while you wait. Or, we will do a full PC assessment for just $59 to dig deep into the root of your PC problems. Then, our technical staff will discuss their findings with you and give you recommendations to repair your system. We offer complete transparency and the best affordable options available to get your PC performing at its best.

Data Recovery and Virus Removal

We store everything on our personal computers, from memorable photos and family videos to important documents and lifelong achievement awards. We can't afford to lose these invaluable things as they are irreplaceable. Businesses also keep important data stored on their computer hard drives; therefore a crash could have devastating effects on a company. So, what do you do if your computer crashes? Contact us, we've got you covered. Data Doctors has been recovering lost files and data from computers and other devices for decades. If we can't recover your data, no one can!

We offer convenient drop-off locations in your neighborhood and direct shipping so you can get your important data recovered fast. While hard drives are most commonly used for data storage, there are other forms of magnetic, electronic, and optical storage devices that can become corrupted or damaged as well. We can recover data from any type of situation or device including accidental deletion recovery, crashed hard drive recovery, accidental formatting recovery, external storage failed device recovery, failed RAID server recovery, CD & DVD recovery, camera card & flash drive recovery, magnetic tape recovery, and more.

Home Services

Data Doctors offers high-quality home computer recovery and repair. Just let us know how we can help you. Our IT technicians are experts in the industry who can basically repair any computer problem, fast and affordable. Is your PC running slow these days and taking forever to load files and pages. Count on us to speed things up with a completely thorough repair service. We will check your PC for viruses, spyware, malware, and more, and also check for important updates and corrupt files. Our home services include data recovery, data backup services, wired & wireless home networking, speed up your personal computer, data Migration from Your Old computer to your new PC, PC maintenance, computer, and computer equipment repair & other services, and more.

Business Technology and Data Recovery Solutions

For your business to stay competitive, it will require a computer network and ongoing networking support. Whether you have a peer-to-peer network, a dedicated server, or are looking to share your high-speed Internet connection, we can design and install a wired or wireless secured network for your office. Let our team of experts manage and protect your business's mission-critical data and put in place a disaster recovery plan to ensure things stay up and running in any situation. Or contact us for disaster recovery, should your current recovery plan fail.

Data Doctors provides cost-effective, professional business networking solutions tailored to fit your company's needs. Whether your PC requires a simple fix or a large scale, network, multi-site implementation, we can accommodate you. We will provide your business with its own on-call and on-site certified IT team at a fraction of the cost that a single IT technician would charge. Our technicians can help with anything from troubleshooting & maintenance to data backup & disaster planning.

Here are four reasons why you need our services...

  1. 60% of businesses that suffer from data loss will close within 6 months of the crash.
  2. Of every 5 computers, 1 will suffer a fatal crash during their lifetime.
  3. Each day nearly 2,000 laptops are lost or stolen.
  4. 60% of a business's mission-critical data are stored on PC hard drives that aren't backed up.

About Us

Data Doctors has been around since 1988 providing computer repair services for residents of the Pheonix, Arizona, metro area, North County San Diego area, and the Space Coast area in Florida. The high-quality service processes we've developed is second to none. With dedicated customer support teams there to assist you with all your PC repair and recovery needs, we always ensure your satisfaction.

Get Your Computer Repaired with Our Award-Winning Service

Here at Data Doctors, we've received more customer satisfaction and service awards than any other business in the industry. We offer a 365-day warranty to ensure your computer not only get's repaired right but stays working well.