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Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2018

Powerful Workflow Web Tools

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Anyone that’s a writer, leads a team, teaches, trains others or has to create any type of outline will want to checkout today’s tip on a simple but powerful tool. 

Workflowy is one of the more useful sites that we’ve found for those that need help keeping things organized. 

It’s an easy to use web app that leverages easy to create ‘nested lists’, that can start out as a basic outline and end up being a fully fleshed out lesson plan, training guide or user’s manual.

Those that teach can use it to develop a syllabus that can be easily shared as a lesson plan for their students. 

The tool allows you to search, tag and filter lists as well as quickly move or duplicate sections, export and print the resulting outlines. 

Sound interesting? Check it out for yourself at to see if this helps you stay organized!