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Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2018

Boomerang for Gmail

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There are many situation where scheduling the delivery of an email message can be very useful, like when you don’t want to miss a friend’s birthday or anniversary. 

Microsoft Outlook has had this ability for years, but if you have migrated over to Google’s excellent Gmail for email, you probably noticed that you lost this ability. 

That is until you install the Boomerang for Gmail add-on, which is a free tool that does a lot more than just schedule e-mails for delivery. 

The ‘Send Later’ option that will appear after you install it, makes it simple to schedule any message for delivery, but Boomerang can also help you stay organized. It can mark messages in the Inbox that you want to read later and schedule them to appear in your Inbox as a reminder. 

It also lets you track any message you send and generate a reminder if you have not heard back from them, to allow timely follow-ups in an efficient manner. 

Anyone that spends their day using Gmail will be more productive with