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Original Air Date: May 1, 2018

Multifunction LED Light Bulbs!

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So called ‘Smart LED bulbs’ were being shown by a large number of companies at CES this year, but one firm in particular, is focused on making lightbulbs do a lot more than just create light. 

Sengled has a complete line of bulbs that incorporate other electronics in their lightbulbs that includes everything from wifi boosters to security cameras to speakers. 

Pulse Solo, for instance, is a paired set of LED bulbs that have JBL speakers in them to light up your room and get you dancing. It’s designed to work with all your Bluetooth audio devices. 

The ‘Boost’ lightbulb also has a Wi-Fi booster built-in, which can come in handy for blacked out areas of Wi-Fi in your house. 

My favorite offering is called ‘Snap’, which has a camera, motions sensors & facial recognition built right into the bulb. 

You can checkout all of these cool products at