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Original Air Date: May 2, 2018

Avoid Business Phishing Scams

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The use of phishing scams have become a primary tool for starting many of today’s sophisticated hacking attacks, even more so when a company becomes a target. 

The attackers know that it will only take one person in the company to fall for a well crafted email for them to start their attack.

Whenever I work with business owners on cyber-security, a radical suggestion that I present to them is to quit using e-mail for all inter-company communications. 

If you consider that most successful corporate phishing scams look like they’re from someone in the company, you can understand why victims tend to let their guard down. 

If you can move your company away from e-mail for inter-company communications, it will make it very easy for all your employees to spot phishing scams. 

A very popular option is located at, not only allows for a more secure communicate channel, it can also improve efficiency in other ways as well. 

The Slack platform works on any type of computing device and you can give it a try with an unlimited time free account!