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Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2018

Scribble Maps

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Google Maps is everyone’s go-to resource for directions or finding a nearby store or restaurant, but what about when you want to share a map that needs more vital details for your needs? 

When you need to create that next map for a backyard BBQ party or a get together in a remote place, wouldn’t it be great to be able to scribble your own notes on the map?

Well, that’s what an awesome tool at allows anyone to do! It allows you to add text, special markers, custom images and other overlays to any Google map. 

If you have ever needed to create a customized map like you may have seen from news organizations, give a try.

Do you need to explain to attendees where to park for your next party? 

Want to retrace the path of an epic hike and add various pictures you took along the way? This is the perfect tool for either!

At you can easily loads their tools into any browser and start scribbling!