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Original Air Date: May 17, 2018

'When To Buy' Airline App

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The Internet is crawling with sites that claim to know the best days and times to buy your airline tickets, but the reality is that it’s way too complicated to be that simple. 

Those of you that typically plan trips in advance should look into the offerings from Hopper. 

Hopper generates visual tips on the best time to fly and buy specific routes. 

The app brings up reports on what prices are available for any trip you’re looking into and when you are flexible, show you the cheapest days to fly. 

They also predict whether prices are most likely to go down or up along with the airlines that are generally the cheapest for your trip. 

The app can also monitor your upcoming trip and check daily prices to find great deals and notify you when you should buy. 

Anyone looking for solid information before booking your next a flight should download the app at: