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Original Air Date: May 15, 2018

Smartphone Composition App

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Today’s smartphones are modern marvels of technology with more computing power than the technology used by NASA in the 60’s to get man to the moon.

They include vert sophisticated camera technology which allows us all to take awesome images without a lot of technical expertise.

Automatic focus, automatic white balance, automatic exposure and automatic color correction are useful but they all mean nothing when the composition of the picture is bad. 

Composition tricks like the ‘rule of thirds’ may be a mystery for many amateur photographers so there’s an app for that!

Camera 51 is the name of the app and it helps most people with the all important composition in picture taking. 

By leveraging the technology in your smartphone, it can analyze your scene to provide on-screen guidance that suggests where you should point the camera. 

If composition isn’t something you’re very good at, checkout the free Camera51 app: