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Original Air Date: May 4, 2018

Remote Power Switch

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Anyone with home automation or smart devices in their home, like security webcams or connected thermostats knows that they rely heavily on a functioning wireless network.

Smart devices are a wonderful way to remotely monitor your home, business or rental property but they're pretty useless if the wireless network goes down.

In most cases, simply rebooting your router will reset things, but it's a difficult task to accomplish when no one is near the equipment to reset the power.

Some routers can be configured to routinely reset on a regular schedule, but if you want more control, install a 'remote power switch' like I've done.

They allow you to remotely restart anything plugged into them. You can also set them to monitor an Internet connection and automatically restart the power if your connection goes down.

Anyone finding themselves restarting their router on a regular basis may also find some tips in my troubleshooting guide along with a link to the remote power switch option at: