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Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2018

Freeing Up Smartphone Space

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A very common request for help I get from people of all degrees of tech knowledge centers around the constant issue of space on their smartphones. 

It is especially common with iPhone users because of the lack of a slot to expand memory that is common on most Android smartphones. 

Uninstalling any apps you no longer use is a good start, but getting rid of as many old images and videos will generate a lot more free space. 

Dumping videos especially can create lot of free space considering that deleting a 2 minute video can free up as much space as a large number of pictures. 

A lesser known area that most users may not think about are the endless number of old text messages, especially those that have images or videos attached. 

I was able to free up over 5Gbs on my wife’s iPhone by going through all of her old messages that had tons of attachments. 

If you’d like more of my tips for freeing up storage on your phone, go to: