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Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2018

Managing Linkedin Connections

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Social networks have become a vital communication tool, both personally and professionally for most of us.

If you are in business, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is vital for what I call "the business networking on steroids".

But new users of the network can get confused about the best way to handle requests to connect from others that you don’t know.

Don't treat it like Facebook; LinkedIn is best suited to help you meet people you may not know at all, which allows you to grow your network of contacts.

If you were at a real-world business event, turning down someone’s business card just because you didn’t know them would be strange behavior, right?

Well, that's how i think of LinkedIn. With just a few exceptions, I generally give their profile a quick check and accept any connection request if it looks like a real profile.

Profiles that don’t have a picture, have very few connections or have little to no info about the person are my exceptions.

Keep in mind, you can always delete someone if you feel like they're abusing the connection.

If you need the steps for kicking someone from your LinkedIn network, here they are: