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"PrettyPark.exe" Worm program (6/8/99)


"PrettyPark.exe" Worm program


This question was answered on June 16, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Be on the watch for "PrettyPark.exe" that may come as an attachment to an e-mail message from someone that you may know It is a program that acts much like the "Happy99" worm that was released earlier this year It also seems to

have some charactoristics of the "Melissa" virus because it can automatically send e-mail messages to people in your Internet address book If run, this program may look like the "pipes" screen saver that comes with Windows, but is actually running a rogue program in the background that

could allow unauthorized access to your local hard drive via IRC channels Symantec has posted an update to their Norton Anti-virus program at

McAfee's updated DAT file can be downloaded at

This virus was first discovered in France and has seen a marked increase in infections over this past weekend in Europe, according to press accounts We have yet to see anyone contracting this virus as of yet, but thought you should know in case it does begin to spread in the U.S

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Posted by Ken of Data Doctors on June 16, 1999