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Broken Beyond Repair? Maybe Not: 8 Signs That All Your Computer Needs Is Professional Laptop Repair

published 1/27/2020

Is your computer giving you fits? Whether you're experiencing a significant slowdown or you're having trouble accessing the Internet, a laptop issue could ruin your day.

You rely on your laptop for everything from work projects to paying bills. Laptop issues happen to even the most reliable laptops. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's time for a replacement.

Sometimes a simple laptop repair can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement when it's not really necessary. It can also save you time and energy from troubleshooting the issue yourself.

Read on to find out the top 8 signs it's time for laptop repair.

1. Strange Noises

Laptops are interesting devices because there's so much crammed into a small space. You have DVD drives, hard drives, external ports, fans, and processors in one device.

Since you're likely to take your laptop everywhere, something may get jarred a bit or come loose, resulting in noises. These need to be addressed quickly as sometimes they can be serious.

Possibilities range from simple things to more complex like your hard drive failing or your fan not operating properly, both of which could lead to significant issues down the road.

2. Overheating

Your computer is like a car engine. There are a lot of pieces that are working together to make the machine function. Similar to your car, your computer needs to stay cool.

Overheating can cause mechanical failure or can cause your computer to just shut down.

Overheating isn't just a matter of leaving your laptop in your car to suffer from the stifling Phoenix heat in the summer (though that's never a good thing). Your computer could overheat in the middle of winter, too.

Your computer relies on one or more fans to keep the main processing unit cool. When your fan isn't working properly, your processor will overheat and your laptop won't run until the processor cools down. Permanent damage is often caused as a result of fan slow downs or failures.

Your laptop uses fans to keep the battery cool, too. If there's dust or something else blocking the fan, air can't circulate and your laptop will have issues functioning.

3. Display Issues

Your display may have a number of issues, such as a cracked screen, or it doesn't work at all. If you find that your built-in display doesn’t work on your laptop, but it's fine when you plug it into a projector or monitor, you should get it repaired.

4. Viruses and Malware

There are more than 1 million pieces of malicious software that are released every day. Outdated or insufficient anti-virus software can't keep up with the latest threats.

Anti-virus software can't protect you from fake security infections, either.

When it comes to your computer security, you should take the approach that it's not a matter of if a virus or malware will strike, but when. All it takes is one accidental click and your whole system could be compromised.

When that happens, you'll need to get it cleaned and repaired right away. In some cases, the more time you take before trying to repair it, the more damage is done. This lowers the likelihood that you'll be able to recover your files and get running again without serious interruption.

5. It's Just Slow

It's common for your computer to slow down with age. New programs demand more processing power than your laptop can provide.

That being said, you should still be able to perform every day tasks like Internet surfing, composing and checking email, and word processing.

If you find that your laptop takes forever to boot up and is slow to respond to anything, it may need an upgrade or service/repair.

There could be several things happening with the machine, such as a virus or corrupted files.

6. Black (or Blue) Screen of Death

On Windows computers, a major failure will generally result in the dreaded blue screen of death. A blue screen of death is a system crash followed by a restart. If it doesn't happen often, a restart may "fix" the issue.

If this happens somewhat regularly, however, there is something else going on with your laptop.

There's also a black screen of death, which can happen either before the login screen of Windows 10 or after you login. This is most likely due to a corrupted system file.

In either case, you should take the laptop in and get it addressed before it gets worse.

7. Internet Connection Issues

A computer is pretty much useless today if it can't connect to the Internet. There are times when a laptop can't connect to WiFi or the machine gets booted off the network often.

If it only happens on one network, there's probably an issue with the router or there are too many people trying to access the same network at the same time.

However, if this happens everywhere you go, it's another issue. There could be an issue with the network card on your laptop or there are drivers that need to be updated. It could also be a virus that's preventing you from connecting to the Internet.

8. Frequent Error Messages

You could be working, and everything is fine until you get a strange error message that won't go away. One error message isn't too much of a reason to worry. An error message that pops up regularly is a cause of concern.

It could be a signal that you have a virus on your machine or that there's a hardware failure happening. There may be a corrupt file that needs to be repaired.

You should have someone look at the laptop to diagnose it and repair it.

Is It Time for Laptop Repair? Call the Experts

Your income could depend on your laptop's ability to function, which means that you don't have the flexibility to deal with a laptop that's not working well.

You don't have time to deal with your laptop slowing down or having other issues. Rather than spend hours or days trying to self-diagnose the issue yourself.

Laptop repair performed by an expert can save you time and money. You also know that the laptop repair is done right. Contact Data Doctors today to find out how we can help restore your laptop.