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Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2018

Awesome Note Taking App

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Anyone looking for a better way to take daily notes will appreciate today’s tech tip, because there’s an app for that! 

If you are an old school note taker and tend to use lots of post it notes, you probably use different colors for different types of notes. You’ll likely write your daily notes on individual notes for each category, for each day of the month.

That’s a lot of work... but it’s obviously very organized. Well if that’s how you think, then you’ll love the note taking app called ‘ThingList’. You simply take your notes and it takes care of organizing and categorizes them.

The categories are common activities like movies you’d like to watch, books you’d like to read, restaurants you want to try, ideas that you have, people you’ve met, places you’d like to visit, products you’d like to try or anything you’d like to remember…the ThingList app will remember and categorizes all your notes. 

Anyone with an iPhone and a lot of things bouncing around in your head may find ThingList an awesome way to capture all those thoughts every day.