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Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2018

Mailinator For The Win!

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Security experts are warning that spam messages from around the world are on the rise with many speculating that our improved economy is making us more of a prime target as a result. 

How we conduct ourselves online can have a lot to do with the volume of spam we get and an easy way to cut down on junk messages is to use a disposable e-mail address. 

From now on, when you need an e-mail address for a less important interaction such as getting special offers or gaining access to a sites that you will probably never use again, rather than giving them your actual e-mail address, try using a disposable address from the website.

You can make up any email address you’d like using the Mailinator tool or use one of their suggested addresses to get what you want without giving up your daily e-mail address. 

There are no lengthy sign up processes, no cost involved and no waiting but remember not to use Mailinator addresses for anything sensitive because your temporary inbox is usable by anyone that thinks of the same address. 

The next time you’re required to provide a working e-mail address from a site you know you willl never use again, remember our Mailinator tip!