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Original Air Date: Oct 4, 2018

Web Printing Hack

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Download the MP3

Printing things from a web page can become a big waster of your paper and expensive ink because you’re forced to print advertisements and other junk that you have no use for.

Even when the page offers up a printable version of any article, its usually stuffed with an ad or other common ink wasters. 

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could print what you like instead of all the extra junk? 

Now you can if you use an excellent online printing tool called 

You just type the web address of the page you want to print and you will be provided with the tools that allow you to get rid of or isolate any section of what you see on your screen. 

You no longer have to waste ink and paper on useless ads or other junk when you just want print out an airline boarding pass. is free and works with any major browser so there is nothing to download or install.