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Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2018

Free OCR Tool

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OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition, is software that can scan images to recognize the text from something that generally can’t be edited, like a JPG or PDF.

OCR software generally comes with a scanner but setting it up can be a bit of a hassle and of no use if you are at the office and your scanner’s at home. 

So, the next time you end up with a scanned image, electronic fax or other forms that you would normally have to retype manually, check out and give the free online conversion tool a try. 

It can extract text from everything from PDF files, JPGs, BMPs, TIFFs and even GIF files and convert them into editable text files, documents or spreadsheets. 

It supports lots of different languages and will scan multi-page PDFs and Zip files when you register for free. 

You just upload your image file, choose the language of the text and then choose the output format for it to do its magic…nothing to setup or install…