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Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2018

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On those occasions that you have an item that is in great condition but you no longer have a need for, you’d generally like to find someone else that can use it, instead of chucking it in the trash. 

Finding that someone that wants it can be a bit of a hassle, so often times putting it out on the curb with a sign saying “take me, I’m free” usually helps to get it to someone else.

Well, that giving concept is what is behind an excellent community recycling website called which is a virtual exchange site that can get items into the hands of someone that could really wants it. 

At nearly 10 million members, this website is focused on building a worldwide gifting movement which will reduce waste, save our precious resources & ease the impact on our landfills. 

This non-profit reuse community website makes it simple to gift your unneeded items to someone in your community that could probably use the help. 

So if you know someone with items to get rid of or is in need of items, have them checkout the amazing environmental web community at