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Original Air Date: May 9, 2018

Apps For Standing Out

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If you’ve ever been at a large public gathering attempting to connect with your buds, say at a concert or music festival today’s tip is for you.

A couple of programmers have created what they call “the dumbest app ever created” that’s actually pretty useful in these situations.

It’s called ‘LookFor’ and it’s simply a way to turn your smartphone screen into a blinking beacon so that your friends can find you in a large crowd. 

You just open the app, choose your color and hold it high in the air so you can tell your friends to look for that color blinking in the crowd. 

LookFo can help you hail a cab, connect in a dark club or just about any situation where standing out in a crowd is helpful. 

Now, you can reward this brilliant idea by buying the app for either your iPhone or Android device for 99 cents or you can do a search for one of the many free flashlight apps that may do something similar. 

Look for flashlight apps that use your smartphone’s entire screen instead of the flash on the camera that also blinks.

LookFor app website: