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Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2018

Avoid This Charging Mistake!

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I’m sure that you’ve heard about the exploding batteries in so-called ‘hover boards’ by now as it’s been happening all over the world. 

The cause is most likely from the shoddy build process used by cheap offshore manufacturers that like to dump untested gadgets on the world’s markets.

Mismatched charging systems on lithium batteries can be a recipe for disaster, which would explain many of the issues with these hover boards.

What we can all learn from this actually applies to everything we own that uses a lithium ion battery and that is, make sure you are charging with the proper charger. 

We constantly have to help laptop owners with various power related issues because they’re using cheap universal chargers when the original factory charger goes bad. 

A mismatched charging system can not only cause overheating, but it will most likely shorten your battery life. 

If you ever encounter any bulging or higher than normal heat coming from your lithium batteries, you’d be smart to stop charging them so you can inspect or replace them.