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Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2018

Relaxing Sleep App

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Download the MP3

Today’s tip is for anyone that likes some type of noise that will help distract their mind so they can go to sleep. 

I personally need something that helps my mind to slow down without waking up my wife. 

One of the more solid discoveries I’ve made is an app called ‘Relax Melodies’ because of it’s flexibility in generating soothing sounds that may be the best I’ve ever found. 

It provides a variety of soothing sounds that can also be mixed together allowing you to create custom sleep inducing sounds. 

The app allows you to choose soothing sounds like a running river, ocean waves or waterfalls and match them with the crackle of a fire, birds singing or rain hitting on a tin roof. 

Finish it off with some ethereal piano or flute music and you have yourself a sleep-inducing background sound that helps you get to sleep much quicker. 

This free app is available for iPhone, Android and even Windows phone users: