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Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2018

iPhone Accessory for Photographers

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That iPhone you use every day is a pretty amazing gadget for everything from entertainment to communicating as well as capturing precious memories, but did you know that there is an accessory that can make it more amazing? It’s called a tripod. 

If you think of how you use your iPhone; Facetiming, group selfies or just watching a video; you normally holding it with your hand. 

A clever tripod called the ‘Kenu Stance’ is a must have accessories if I’ve ever seen one for iPhone users. 

At just over an ounce in weight and a bit smaller than a pack of gum, this accessory can change how you use your iPhone. 

Whether it’s watching a movie, taking pictures via your timer or engaging in a video, the Menu Stance makes it more efficient.  

Because it connects through the iPhone’s Lightning connector, it can be helpful in both portrait or landscape mode, allowing you to position your screen or camera in the best way, every time!

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