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Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2018

Learn HTML

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Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic language of all things on the Internet. 

Anyone interested in learning how to create a website will need to understand this basic language that is the basic structure for everything you see online. 

Those services pitching easy to build websites using their pre-made sites are limited and won’t teach you anything about the actual building of websites. 

Although HTML looks like a foreign language at first, learning the basic language will quickly lead to de-mystifying it all. 

A solid way to start learning is from Mozilla’s ‘Webmaker’ tools that allow you to take sample sites and play with them to see what will happen. 

Experimenting with code is a really good way to start learning web skills and Webmaker allows you to tinker with websites without any consequences. 

Getting a handle on HTML has become a vital skill for everyone, especially our kids and Mozilla wants to help millions move from simply using the Internet to helping to creating it. 

The Webmaker project located at is an excellent place for anyone with the desire to learn more about how the Internet really works to get started.