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Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2018

Smartphone Lantern Life Hack

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Most of us use our smartphones as a flashlight on a pretty regular basis because we always have them on us.

The bright LEDs are great for pointing light in one specific direction, but on occasion you really need to spread the light around like a lantern.

Today’s tip is a life hack that turns your smartphone into a light spreading lantern instead of just a flashlight.

All that’s required is a rubberband and any type of plastic water bottle that is full.

Start by attaching your smartphone to the plastic bottle using the rubber band, but be sure to point the smartphone's flashlight towards the bottle.

Don’t point it at the label; it’s actually best to remove the label altogether for the better dispersion of light.

This life hack is great when you’re camping or forced to work in the dark on something or when you are trying to lead a group around at night.

This little life hack elevates anyone into a real life ‘MacGyver’!